"These girls aren't naked just for fun. Join this collective of five women performance artists on trip though body memory, fantasy, desire and naked space. This performance explores the gaze how we see and what are the cultural influences on what we see? What are the intersections between straight, bisexual and lesbian women? A discussion follows each perfomance."

A rare flyer for the amazing Sacred Naked Nature Girls. Either very few of these flyers were distributed around town, or they were snatched up by admiring fans.

Originally scheduled for a 1994 performance at Naropa U, Boulder's Buddhist University, the performance was nixed by Naropa's President's Council. The cancellaction preciptitated protests of censorship and a "Nude In" by Naropa students. The group did two sold-out performances at Kakes Studios.

Naropa apologized, and denied artistic censorship.

SNNG member Denise Uyehara (oo-weh'-ha-ra), "a woman, an Asian American, a bisexual and a human being, not necessarily in that order," performed "Hello (Sex) Kitty: Mad Asian Bitch on Wheels" at the University of Colorado in 1997.

The group is reportedly now defunct, but the memory of a very unusual night at the opera lives on.